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When Al Kent launched the Million Dollar Disco label back in the '90s "Disco House" was all the rage. A life spent hoarding rare soul and disco records, a keen ear for a sample and a few years of DJing already under his belt stood him in good stead when it came to making music. Inspired by labels like Azuli with their Chocolate Fudge and Disco Elements EPs he made a load of tracks by sticking house drums on top of disco samples and released somewhere in the region of twenty 12" singles, many of which found their way into top DJs' charts. Despite encouraging signs with tracks being signed to high profile labels like Z Records, Defected Hed Kandi and even his beloved Azuli, the Disco House formula soon ran its course and Al looked for a fresh challenge. So he recorded an orchestra instead. "Better Days" by the Million Dollar Orchestra was released as a double album by BBE in 2008, having taken the best part of two years to make. Not many producers would have the flair to go from cutting up samples to recording a 26 piece band, but Al did it with aplomb.

It was when he abandoned the style Million Dollar Disco had become known for that his DJ career really took off. Ditching house music in favour of disco saw him first emulating his hero Walter Gibbons; cutting between two copies of each record, until he discovered he could save the hassle (and money spent on doubles) and make re-edits instead. Soon his sets were made up entirely of his own exclusive reworks. He's released a ton of those edits over the years on Million Dollar Disco as well as a slew of labels like Jisco, Kat, Real Thing, Edit, Stilove4music, People Must Jam, Kalakuta Soul, Kojak Giant Sounds, All Out War, GAMM , Culture of Soul, Cree, Rocafort and Razor n Tape, , as well as a slew of remixes for the likes of Midnight Riot, Odyssey, The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra, Joey Negro's Sunburst Band, Stanton Davis, Sandy Barber, Los Charly's Orchestra and Hokis Pokis.


He's been round the world a few times too, playing in USA, Australia, Canada, France, Poland, United Arab Emerates, Italy, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Croatia, Lebanon, pretty much every country in Europe, every city in the UK and many locations in between. Al has had the honour of playing Southport weekender four times (more than any other "Connoisseur's Corner" guest) as well as headlining at prestigious events like Z Records' first (and, to this date, only) party in London and Ete D'Amour's boat party on the Seine, at the invitation of Dimitri From Paris. He was co-promoter and resident DJ at Manchester's legendary Northern Disco and regularly throws crowd pleasing parties in his home town of Glasgow, with the Million Dollar Disco Annual Party in the city's Berkeley Suite reaching near legendary status.


His relationship with BBE gave him the opportunity to release the Disco Love volumes (four so far), a series of hard to find disco tracks, a self produced follow up to the Million Dollar Orchestra "Secret Sounds" and the Best of Disco Demands; a 5x CD/2x double vinyl set made up of more hard to find tracks, originally released in very limited quantities on Million Dollar Disco. As if that wasn't a big enough project, Al and BBE then put together "The Men In The Glass Booth" - a ten album, double box set complete with forty page book (researched and written by Al), telling the untold story of the disco era's unsung heroes.


Despite his reputation as a digger and his background in rare soul and disco, Al is no musical snob when it comes to DJing. He knows how to move a dance-floor with music that ranges from the most obscure disco to bona-fide classics. It's his edits that elevate him beyond the normal conception of a "disco DJ" though. If you thought disco was music for the back room, think again.. Al's sound is big and bad, perfectly mixed in a way Ron Hardy would be proud of. His style has earned him serious praise from many of his peers like Sadar Bahar, Mike Huckaby, Theo Parrish, Rahaan, Red Rack'em, Joey Negro (who once famously called him Scotland's answer to Walter Gibbons), Dimitri From Paris and Horse Meat Disco.




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